Mild Weather Closes Burlington Skating Rink


Skating outdoors was fun while it lasted, right Burlington?

The rink on the Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond at Discovery Landing has officially closed for the 2017-2018 season.

City staff are preparing for spring when the 10,000 sq.-ft. (or 929 square-metre) feature transforms into a reflective pond.

With the closing of the rink at Discovery Landing comes the hopeful promise of warmer weather and more outdoor play opportunities,” said director of parks and recreation Chris Glenn.

The skate lending program at Rotary Centennial Pond yielded donations - 145 pairs of skates - and more than 1,800 skates were borrowed.

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Number of people who used outdoor pond in 2017-18: 10,506

Number of donated skates to the skate-lending program: 50 new pairs, used 95 pairs at the pond

Number of times donated skates were borrowed through skate lending program: 1,819

Number of skating days in 2017-2018: 75

(Photo and statistics courtesy of the City of Burlington)

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