Milton homeowner’s attempt to claim on-street parking spot leaves social media shocked


Published January 11, 2024 at 1:05 pm

A photo that’s gone viral on social media shows the lengths some people will go to prevent others from parking in front of their homes in Milton.

A user on Reddit posted the picture of a home in his neirbourhood, one with the identifying house number obscured.

“These fine folks (who have an illegal driveway extension) get ticked off when people park legally in front of their house. So they have added this lovely illegal sign to their tree to stop it,” wrote the user along with the photo.

In order to deter parking, the homeowner has nailed to a tree a “NO PARKING” sign, the kind you get at a hardware store. There’s also an orange traffic cone and a strategically placed piece of lumber that would make parking close to the curb difficult.

The responses on Reddit were immediate and ranged from the practical, “you should call bylaw enforcement”, to the more nefarious, “please send me the address. I’d be happy to use some of my parking passes and park my rusted old junker outside the house.”

Many users called the homeowners ‘entitled’, and while their exact motivation is unknown, it was agreed on-street parking is for everyone, regardless of whether it’s in front of your house or not.

The most recent update, from the original poster, seemed to bring an end to the saga.

“UPDATE: Bylaw took sign, cone and ramp.”

The signage pictured belonged to the house just out of the picture frame, to the right, not the house in the background.

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