Milton House of the Week: $3.8 Mil Home with Basketball Courts


This Place: This immaculate luxury home is set on more than 13 acres of land … it’s almost as good as having your own island.

Address: Derry Rd. W. 
Price: $3,789,000
Neighbourhood: Near Hawthorne South

Big Selling Point: There's a volleyball court, two basketball courts, a 3-par golf hole, and a private sand beach.


  • Breathtaking 529.70 x 1197.20 lot that features:
  • Stunning private sand beach
  • Beautiful kitchen with vaulted ceilings
  • Modern appliances
  • Gorgeous gated grounds
  • Five + 1 bedrooms
  • Six bathrooms
  • Volleyball court
  • Two basketball courts
  • 3-par golf hole
  • Gorgeous pool and hot tub
  • Beautiful seating and sit-down bar
  • Regal, spa-like master ensuite 
  • The Numbers:
  • $3,789,000
  • $16,619 in taxes
  • 5 + 1 bedrooms
  • 6 bathrooms
  • 529.70 x 1197.20 lot
  • Bungalow

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