Milton Mall will eventually be developed as residential


Published January 3, 2024 at 3:48 pm

A 20-acre lot at the corner of a major intersection only a few hundred metres from the Milton GO station seems like a developer’s dream.

That’s the reality of Milton Mall, just two years from celebrating its 60th anniversary but with an uncertain future.

The pressure of building housing, especially near commuter hubs, will likely mean that a mixture of residential and commercial development will start on the land sooner rather than later.

David Twigg is Milton’s director of Planning Policy and Urban Design and he says the future of the mall land will be up to the developer, but they will have to work within the zoning framework of the Town.

“It’s had to say for sure what is going to happen, or when,” said Twigg. “There are some large, long-term tenants at Milton Mall, so that will have to be discussed on their end.”

Twigg said the mall owners, Paradise Devlopments, were part of the discussion about the future of the area, but it’s too soon to pin down specifics.

“Obviously, we need housing built, but I can’t say for sure they’re just going to put up several high-rise apartment buildings.”

Twigg said the developer will react to market forces that can’t be predicted decades out.

“I expect we’ll start to see development in phases, perhaps on some of the under-utilized parking areas. Eventually there will be community there, a mix of residential and commercial, but obviously not just the single-storey buildings that are there now.”

It will have more of an urban feel, with additional streets, sidewalks and public spaces.

Whenever it happens, the reshaping of Main St. E. is well underway, with shovels in the ground on about eight new towers, and more than a dozen in total approved and ready to go.

The housing starts, of course, have been mandated by the province. Twigg said the Town is close to meeting its target, but is currently a little behind.

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