Milton man dodges eviction but sees best buddy booted on ‘Big Brother Canada’


Published April 18, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Milton life coach Hope Agbolosoo, left, and Newfoundland fisherman Jonothan Leonard - best friends in the game - found themselves in the eviction chairs last week on Big Brother Canada. (Screenshots: Global-TV)

Once again, Milton’s Hope Agbolosoo narrowly dodged eviction on the TV show Big Brother Canada but it came with a cost.

Rather than exiting himself, he distraughtly watched as his ride-or-die best buddy, Newfoundland fisherman Jonothan Leonard, left in his place.

With the 4-3 eviction vote being announced, viewers knew that neither man knew who was being cast off until host Arisa Cox announced it was Leonard.

With that, Agbolosoo absolutely fell to pieces, opening sobbing at the loss of the east-coaster who was, frankly, one of the most decent people to have played the competition in its entire run.

While it was easy to feel the loss of the noble competitor, you almost wanted to put your arm around Agbolosoo and say, “He didn’t die. He’s resting comfortably in the Juror’s House. Your buddy’s still alive, you know.”

Initially, the Head of Household (HoH) Ty McDonald, the despicable Toronto man who is frankly the polar opposite of Leonard’s decency, had put his actual target Vaughan’s Renee Mior in the chair beside Agbolosoo but the hard work of her friend, BC bartender Shanaya Carter, saved her from the vote.

Carter won the Power of Veto (PoV), allowing her to pluck Mior out of the seat as a member of their three-women “Girlypops” alliance (along with PEI’s Claudia Campbell), forcing McDonald to put Leonard up in her place.

As for Agbolosoo, the Milton man may just set a record for being nominated for sitting in the eviction as both he and Mior has been put in the chair three times this season and according to #BBCAN11 Twitter, he’s going right back in it this week.

Can he survive a record fourth nomination? Viewers will find out this week as the episodes air Tuesday (7 pm), Wednesday (9 pm), and Thursday (7 pm) on Global-TV.

For the third time, Milton’s Hope Agbolosoo and Vaughan’s Renee Mior were both nominated for
eviction in the 11th season of Big Brother Canada last week.

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