Milton man’s ‘illegal’ letter from home brings down biggest threat on Big Brother Canada


Published April 3, 2023 at 5:09 pm

Milton's Hope Agbolosoo is the picture (pitcher?) of concentration as he won the Power of Veto in Week 4 of Big Brother Canada. (Screenshot: Global-TV)

By the time the dust had settled on Week Four on Big Brother Canada, the biggest threat in the game went home over a simple letter from home to a Milton contestant.

Ottawa’s Zach Neilson’s game was completely undone and he was ultimately sent packing by a letter from a girlfriend that had been packed in Milton man Hope Agbolosoo’s luggage, unbeknownst (at first) to the life coach himself.

In one of the most bizarre twists the game has ever seen, March 30’s eviction episode was the most explosive ever – quite likely in the TV show’s history – with more twists and turns than the wildest of roller-coaster rides and frankly, far more screaming.

The game turned wildly when Victoria, BC’s Kuzie Mujakachi beat all comers to become the Week Four Head of Household (HoH). Fast forward a bit, Mujakachi seemingly ignores the two biggest threats in the house and puts two of the weaker players up for eviction.

Her move got sidelined when one of her nominees, Vanessa MacTavish, returned home to Calgary for personal reasons. She became the second women to do so this season as Amal Bashir returned home to Toronto, also for personal reasons, just as the show was just beginning.

She approached Agbolosoo to see if he was willing to step onto the block. He agreed for two reasons: 1) out of respect for Mujakachi and 2) he genuinely wanted to win a competition and once on the block, he would automatically be a contestant for the Power of Veto (PoV).

In the end, Agbolosoo played the PoV competition like a man possessed. For brevity of explanation, it involved filling a smaller pitcher of water and pouring it into a huge cylinder until a ball in the water rose high enough to be plucked through a grate.

Agbolosoo won the challenge, earning the right to yank himself off the block. But here’s where it got sketchy. Backroom schemers Neilson and and Toronto’s Ty McDonald, who had been quietly controlling the game, decided to ask Agbolodoo if he’d leave himself on the block.

Agbolosoo balked, of course, and then things got dirty. When Neilson was chosen to fill his eviction seat left vacant by Agbolosoo, he approached the producers with the news of Agbolosoo’s letter from home, thinking it would get him ejected from the game. This issue here is that contestants who win HoH get letters from home so it’s a cherished prize in the game.

Agbolosoo, in turn, had to give the letter to the producers for them to ascertain whether it gave him an advantage in the game. They ultimately decided that no, it didn’t. Not only was Agbolosoo only lightly reprimanded – his vote for eviction and a chance to play for HoH were taken away for the week – to balance the scales, the producers gave all the remaining players a letter from home.

But in the meantime, the house exploded when HoH Mujakachi and Neilson got into a screaming match with her calling him out on all his dirty backroom dealings. In the end, Neilson, knowing he was doomed, chose to self-evict before the votes were even cast.

As for Agbolosoo, well, frankly, he is looking like a front-runner with several others to get to the end of the game. He is well-loved by both the male and female competitors, an upbeat and fun presence in the house. And a letter from his girlfriend actually knocked out the biggest threat in the house.

Not bad for a week’s work. The other contestants will probably start sending his girlfriend Christmas Cards, thanking her.

This season, the episodes air Tuesday (7 pm), Wednesday (9 pm), and Thursday (7 pm) on Global-TV.

Not only did Milton’s Hope Agbolosoo win the Power of Veto so he could take himself off the eviction block, the win also came with a $5,000 cash prize, which he is signaling here.

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