Milton offering tips on how residents, new and old, can Be a Good Neighbour


Published May 4, 2023 at 11:18 am

Whether you’re new to Milton or a long-time resident, it’s never too late to learn to Be a Good Neighbour.

To help make that a reality, the Town of Milton is launching an awareness campaign to help residents learn more about common by-law concerns like property standards, noise, litter and parking.

The Be a Good Neighbour campaign will share friendly, seasonal tips so residents understand by-laws before a misunderstanding leads to reporting or enforcement.

This spring, for example, the campaign will focus on seasonal by-law issues such as:

  • Long grass and weeds
  • Pet waste
  • Driveway extensions
  • On-street parking
  • Calling the Town before you build or renovate

“We know Milton residents love living in our welcoming neighbourhoods and want to be good neighbours,” said Milton Mayor Gord Krantz. “We want residents, new and old, to understand how the Town works and to know how they can be good neighbours.”

Milton residents will see reminders about how to Be a Good Neighbour across the Town web pages, social media and digital signs.

The campaign will introduce a friendly ‘door-hanger’ that by-law staff will use to warn a resident who may not understand the Town’s by-laws. These have been translated to address language as a potential barrier.

The Town of Milton’s by-laws help ensure a safe, quiet and pleasant environment for residents in our community,” said Meaghen Reid, director, Legislative and Legal Services/Town Clerk.

We hope this campaign helps increase awareness of our by-laws as we strive to maintain positive relationships with all residents.”

For more information about the program, visit the Town website.

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