Cycling is quickly becoming a very popular activity, both as a pastime and as an economic means to get to work or run errands, especially in rapidly urbanizing communities.
If you are a frequent park user, you should be happy that there are some new ways of disposing trash at certain parks around town.
Did you know that some pilots were not allowed to fly with beards?Until very recently, that is.
As Canadians, we thrive in the winter time. Well, at least that's what the Canadian stereotype tells us right?
Well, Black Friday is officially here—and that means that you can stumble into almost any retail outfit and score some very—and we mean very—affordable projects,
Today is the day to head to the malls if you're looking for some great holiday deals, or deals in general.Black Friday. 
For Canadians as well as our neighbours down south, Christmas shopping really started, well, now…especially with all the Black Friday sales being advertised already.
The Doug Ford government shocked a lot of people in late October when Bill 47 was tabled.
If you love going to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto then we have some very exciting news. An all-year market is coming to the Town of Milton.
It starts with the letter ‘F’ and you’ll probably be slipping it into your convos - in and out of the gym - on the regular in 2018.