A very popular store that’s all about decadent treats—and is reportedly loved by former U.S.
You’ve seen the parking lot and from what we’re hearing, the Milton location is jammed on the reg.
It’s the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops.And its Greater Toronto Area expansion is growing.
Although it's hard to pin down what exactly constitutes authentic Canadian cuisine (is it maple syrup? Caribou?
Each month, Halton welcomes hot new restaurants to its ever-growing food scene and there were some highly-anticipated new openings to kick off 2018.
Finally.After months of waiting, a highly-anticipated Italian restaurant has officially opened its doors in Milton.
It's no secret that Halton and the overall GTA has a big and bustling retail scene and pretty much all the stores you could hope for.
A superb restaurant that’s expanding to Milton is set to open it doors and we’ve got a date.
Thanksgiving is coming and here’s something to mention around the table with the fam if you’re into expressions of #gratitude: a highly-anticipated burger place has officially opened in Milton
Start salivating over your next cheat meal — gourmet burgers, fresh cut fries, and funnel cakes are on deck in Milton.