A Canadian company made its way to the Oscars this year in a very unique way. 
If you've fallen off the wagon in terms of your 'eating healthier' and 'working out more' New Year's resolutions and have been searching for a way to get back on track, then you're in luck.
While temperatures are better than they were, it doesn't feel like spring has fully sprung—and it might not feel that way next week either.
The first weekend of spring 2019 is here, and luckily (for the most part), it's going to be fairly nice. Here's what Mother Nature has in store for Halton this weekend.
If you’re a Milton resident, or someone who regularly frequents the town, there is an upcoming road closure that you should be aware of.
The final budget from the federal Liberal government before the fall election later this year was recently delivered.
The LCBO recently launched a new and exciting pilot program.
Libraries play a big role in the everyday lives of many people. They are a place where people can learn, study, and grow.
If you’ve been enjoying lower gas prices—as everyone does—you might want to fill up sooner rather than later, as gas prices will rise tomorrow.
It has been recognized that there is a need for federal leadership when it comes to municipalities dealing with invasive species.