It’s no secret the cost of living is atrocious and many people in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton --and the GTA in general--are in desperate need of affordable housing.
When the province announced that a number of major Ontario cities would be home to cannabis stores, some mayors wondered if their cities would be given some funding to manage the retail outlets.&nb
Although the technical issues that plagued Air Canada passengers (during March Break, no less) all have been resolved, some travelers are still experiencing significant delays.
The province is still contemplating the creation of a Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) campus in Milton.
From millennials to the middle aged, it looks like more and more people are finding themselves forever alone across Canada. Is there something in the water?
It's all just protein in the end, right?Right?Crickets.
After an extremely hectic and chaotic day marred by reported technical difficulties, controversial politician Doug Ford has been named leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party.
In an effort to bring more attention to the risk of driving while impaired, assist in identifying witnesses and reduce continued offences, Halton police are reporting the following impaired driving
While it’s never a good idea to be distracted while you’re driving, you’ll want to be extra attentive on OPP-patrolled roads very soon.
It’s-a me, Mario!