This Place: This showstopper has a gorgeous kitchen that will immediately make you want to call it home.Address: Little Cres.
There's never a dull day in real estate.Now that fall is here, the market is, once again, showing signs of change.
Purchasing a home isn't (for the most part) strictly a financial transaction, it's a very emotional one—and for good reason.
Anyone who's been house hunting (or just anxiously keeping track of real estate prices from afar) knows that houses aren't cheap.
We all know you’ve got to be ballin’ to own property (or properties) in Oakville.And there appears to be no shortage of ballers looking to buy.
It's true - rental and affordable housing is hard to come by all across Ontario. Our population is increasing and there may not be enough housing options available to support it.
When millennials began fretting (rightfully so) over skyrocketing housing prices in Halton and surrounding cities, some unsympathetic naysayers poo pooed their concerns, saying that young people wo
With the new wave of rules and regulations on rental housing across the province, and the cost of living at a high, it's no surprise that renters and the housing market alike are facing some unique
The housing market remained hot all summer, and the provincial government’s attempts to cool it down resulted in quite a few new measures, one of which was a Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST).
There's never a boring day in real estate.