Affordable housing is hard to come by in Halton -- not everyone can afford to live here.
If you're planning to purchase a home in Oakville, Burlington or Milton in 2018, you have your work cut out for you, what with incoming interest rate hikes and a new mortgage stress test that
It's no secret that Halton boasts costly real estate, with detached houses hovering around the $1 million mark and condos—the last "affordable" housing options available—running buyers over $400,
It’s no secret that the middle class is disappearing in Halton — in fact, high- and very-high income neighbourhoods are skyrocketing in Halton.
Although the housing market has been the subject of heated debate and intense controversy for months (probably years, to be fair), the fact remains that many residents in Oakville, Burlington, Milt
The market for new construction homes in the Greater Toronto Area, including Halton, picked up in September, primarily driven by sales of multi-family homes, condo apartments in high-rise and mid-r
This Place: This adorable Georgetown home merges contemporary design with country living.
This Place: This showstopper has a gorgeous kitchen that will immediately make you want to call it home.Address: Little Cres.
If you're looking to purchase a home and have a sizeable down payment—think well over the five per cent minimum required for an uninsured mortgage—you should note that you, too, will be subject t
Aside from the small hamlets of Brookville, Campbellville and Moffat, the vast