Canada’s housing market is experiencing a boost in sales and prices, and the reason is being attributed to cannabis producers.
The election is just around the corner and most parties are promising to address the country’s growing housing crisis, with both the Liberals and Conservatives focusing on getting first-time buyers
If you’re hoping to purchase a home before the New Year, you will have to grapple with a challenging housing market defined by low inventory and high prices. 
Finding affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing Halton’s residents in recent years. So what is the region doing to help?
Renting a home in Halton is already hard enough. Now, recently discovered forum posts have revealed that some landlords want to make it even harder.
The federal election is a little more than a month away, and the Liberal party recently announced part of their platform will be geared towards aspiring homeowners.
Earlier this summer it was announced that the federal government would be taking steps to alleviate the pressure and stress that is often tied to purchasing your first home. 
July was a busy month for the Halton housing market - and the Canadian housing market in general.
A recent inhalton article revealed that condos may just be the way to go for buyers who are looking
Are you unsure of what your insurance covers in the Halton Region? If you are, you’re not alone!