When millennials began fretting (rightfully so) over skyrocketing housing prices in Halton and surrounding cities, some unsympathetic naysayers poo pooed their concerns, saying that young people wo
It's already tough to purchase a home in Oakville, Burlington, Milton or Halton Hills, what with detached homes typically running buyers an absolute minimum (on average, at least) of $800,000 (most
If you're a millennial or Gen X and are struggling to afford a house you might want to sit down for this one because it's about to get even more unfair.
In May, the new home market in the GTA saw another increase in the prices of condominium apartments.
If you are—and you happen to be fabulously wealthy—you might be happy to know that 10 very expensive homes are waiting for brand new owners to call them their own.
While the real estate markets in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and beyond have become known for their costliness, the overall GTA market actually remained somewhat steady in terms of price fluctuati
The numbers are in.
If you're about to go house hunting in Oakville, Burlington or Milton this summer, you are not alone—people are overcoming their real estate (fears spurred by a volatile 2017 and subsequent govern
The housing market has been a hot topic for a while now. And things still don't look too bright.
While houses in Halton and surrounding cities are not quite as expensive as they were this time last year, prices in the GTA do appear to be inching back up month-over-month.