Mohawk Casino brings in more than $2.5 million for Town of Milton


Published July 20, 2023 at 12:32 pm

The Town of Milton just received more than $2.5 million for hosting Elements Casino Mohawk.

The quarterly payment was for April to June and, since opening in 1999, Milton has received more than $137M from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

These payments to host communities are based on a formula consistently applied across all gaming sites in Ontario using a graduated scale of gaming revenue at the hosted site.

Host communities support important community programs and services and strengthen their local infrastructure with these gaming revenues,” said Peter Bethlenfalvy, Minister of Finance.

These financial supports help fund the vital programs and services that residents can depend on for their future.”

OLG shares proceeds of casino gaming with local communities, contributing to economic recovery, infrastructure development and job creation. Payments to host communities are part of OLG’s commitment to Ontario and 100 per cent of OLG’s profits are reinvested in the province.

Over the past eight years, casino service providers have invested more than $2 billion in private sector capital across the province. Since 2017, these investments have led to the development and opening of seven new casinos, one planned development and additional gaming expansions and non-gaming amenities.

Since 1994, host communities have received more than $2 billion in non-tax gaming revenue.

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