More politicians, new boundaries up for review in Burlington


Published June 29, 2023 at 1:48 pm

Burlington city hall power mayor politics

Burlington will consider a shake-up at City Hall that could add more councillors and change ward boundaries.

A City committee this week approved a plan that directs senior staff to look at the viability of changing the political landscape in time for the next municipal election. The review still needs to be approved by City council if it is to proceed.

Presently, Burlington has seven members of council and six wards. Voters elect a councillor in each ward and the mayor is elected from across the city.

Ward boundaries and the number of councillors have remained the same for several years despite the growth and changing demographics of the city. The last review of Burlington’s political map was made in 2005, but no changes were made.

The move follows a report that suggests a boundary review is timely, especially in Wards 1 and 2 where there have been population shifts.

“This boundary review will also be an opportunity to review council size,” Mayor Marianne Meed Ward while adding any discussion would have to include extensive community consultation.

The report says any changes to the current set-up has to be done before January 1 of an election year. The next municipal elections will take place in October 2026.






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