More snow coming to Oakville, Burlington, and Milton this weekend


Bad news for Halton residents who were hoping for a snow-free weekend this week.

Fortunately, there won’t be nearly as much as this past weekend—according to The Weather Network, Oakville and Burlington are expected to get another five cm of the white stuff this weekend, while Milton is expected to get between five and seven cm.

The good news, however, is temperatures won’t be dropping as dramatically as this past weekend. Temperatures for Oakville are expected to hover around 1 degree Friday and Saturday, dropping to as low as 0 degrees Friday night, and climbing to as high as 2 degrees Saturday afternoon; Burlington and Milton temperatures are expected to hold at 0 degrees for most of Friday and Saturday, rising to as high as 1 degree Saturday afternoon; while Milton temperatures 

Sunday will hover around 0 degrees in Oakville, climbing as high as 2 degrees in the afternoon, and dropping to as low as -2 degrees overnight. e, before climbing slightly to 1 degree during the day into the afternoon, and dropping to -3 degrees overnight. In Burlington and Milton, Sunday will start at -2 degrees, rise to 1 degree in the afternoon, and drop to -3 degrees overnight. 

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