Mysterious 'Ciao Roberto' arrives in Halton, looking for love?


Is Roberto a scam, or an old school romantic looking to find a woman via telephone pole?

Redditor u/blue_bear_fishing posted a photo of a poster seen in Burlington that reads like a personal ad.

Roberto” says he’s looking for a tall lady who’s over 50-years-old. He prefers “refined” non-smokers available for “walks and gelato outings”.

Despite being an unrefined short male under the age of 35 who prefers sitting over walking, I decided to call the number listed.

No answer.

Damn you, Roberto.

Speculation as to the poster’s validity has come into question. Particularly because very similar postings from Roberto have popped up in Toronto-all with different phone numbers listed.

Some Redditors speculated that the posters could be a form of public art.

Others had different theories.

When I saw “CIAO ROBERTO”, I immediately thought of the scene from The Waterboy.

We may never know who or what Roberto is.

What we do know is that he tells you to call and then doesn’t pick up his phone.


(Photos courtesy of u/alexlewis14 and u/blue_bear_fishing)

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