New downtown Oakville outerwear store will offer ‘warm with a purpose’


Published August 17, 2023 at 12:51 pm

Wuxly founder James Yurichuk is bringing his ethical lifestyle brand of parkas to downtown Oakville. WUXLY PHOTO

Downtown Oakville shoppers will soon have a new place to browse if they are looking for something to stay warm this winter.

Wuxly, an ethical lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures Canadian made outerwear, is set to open a new location downtown.

With a store already located on Queen St. West in Toronto, Wuxly men’s and women’s parkas are made with animal-free, recycled materials and ethically manufactured in Canada.

Wuxly parkas have been keeping people warm and “animals out of the equation” since 2015.

“Born from a love of wildlife and a vision of warm, animal-free garments, Wuxly makes the highest-quality jackets available worldwide while spearheading a progressive Movement,” said founder James Yurichuk on the company website. “In the end, our goal is to deliver products that allow you to Live Warm —both inside and out.”

Yurichuk came up with the idea for the outwear store when he was unable to find the perfect winter coach for his wife. He decided he would launch our outerwear line with environmental protection and innovation in mind.

“Wuxly was founded on the idea that we could create the best winter parka without harming animals,” said Yurichuk.

Conscious of their impact on the planet, the company chose the Woolly Mammoth as the original brand name when they launched in 2015. The majestic animal was one of the first to have gone extinct in human history.

As the brand evolved, they adopted their new name. A play on the original “Woolly” but with an “X”, Wuxly represents the progress the brand says it is striving for in their design, materials and manufacturing processes.

They kept the Woolly Mammoth tusk on the parkas as a reminder of their impact on the earth and commitment to strive for better.

“We are continually exploring new vegan alternatives and finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact,” said the company on its website. “Keeping you warm while being kind to our planet? It’s just what we do.”

Wuxly also recently partnered with Ocean Co. to “help turn the tide on plastic pollution.”

With the help of Ocean Co., they hope to fund the ethical collection of ocean-bound plastic before it reaches the waters.

Some 22 million kgs (almost 50 million pounds) of plastic enters the ocean every day, a truckload every minute. If nothing changes, by 2050 the plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish by 2050.

This plastic pollution is causing damage to the marine ecosystem, the food chain and, consequently, to our own health.

A date has not been announced for the opening up the new downtown Oakville location. Residents can find out more about the brand at @wuxlymovement  .

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