New Milton Data Centre will provide instant info to businesses that want to move to town


Published April 24, 2023 at 1:26 pm

milton town hall

In an effort to draw more business to Milton, the town has launched the Milton Data Centre, an interactive, user-friendly tool.

The date centre combines robust location, demographic, business, and economic data to serve as a primary resource for business recruitment, expansion, and retention.

“Milton is home to a range of land developments which will generate a steady stream of industrial, commercial and office space sites to give investors the best location, tailored to their business needs,” said Andy Scott, director Strategic Initiatives and Business Development.

“The data centre can be used to find available properties in Milton and also includes a comprehensive community profile for economic, demographic, and community data needed to make critical decisions.”

Businesses, developers and community partners can take full advantage of the mobile-friendly tools to search for available industrial, commercial and office space properties, as well as research, analyze and drill down into real time information using interactive maps, charts, graphs, infographics, and reports that can be dynamically sorted on the fly.

Milton’s Data Centre includes key features such as:

Site location tool: Find optimal business locations using powerful real estate search, demographic & industry analysis. Customize search and filtering on available commercial and industrial properties based on property type, size, assets and more.

Community profile: Community-specific data sets can be seen for Milton, with information on transportation resources, consumer spending, as well as quality of life amenities like housing costs.

Demographic analysis: Visitors can research labour force, population, educational levels and even employee types by distance or radius from a selected property, or even a pin on the map and export the information in ready-to-go reports.

Business reports: The business database can help identify industry clusters and potential customers, competitors and suppliers. An excellent resource as well for retail site locations.

Join Milton Economic Development for a free online webinar Thursday, May 4, at 10:30 a.m. and take a tour of the all-new data tool.

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