A popular restaurant that managed to generate a sizeable following over the years has officially moved to its brand new, permanent Oakville location.

Although it's hard to pin down what exactly constitutes authentic Canadian cuisine (is it maple syrup? Caribou?

There’s AAA steak.

And buttery lobster tail.

Starting at $20.

A new restaurant is slated to soon open its Oakville doors. 

It began out in Kelowna, B.C. back in 2014.

Then made its way to Toronto proper.

And now it’s coming to downtown Oakville.

Each month, Halton welcomes hot new restaurants to its ever-growing food scene and there were some highly-anticipated new openings to kick off 2018.

It’s no secret that the working world has never been more innovative or modern.


After months of waiting, a highly-anticipated Italian restaurant has officially opened its doors in Milton.

It's no secret that Halton and the overall GTA has a big and bustling retail scene and pretty much all the stores you could hope for.

Oakville’s nightlife is about to get lit.

Or at least slightly more legit.

It looks like an Oakville burger war is about to go down.

A hot-yet-casual dining experience is on tap … it’s creative and fun, much like a very nearby competitor.