Starbucks has announced it intends to significantly reduce its carbon footprint over the next decade. 

We have some good news and some slightly (but not really) bad news.

One of Mississauga’s most beloved pizza joints, Mickey’s Pizza, appears to be leaving Mississauga.

One of Ontario’s fastest-growing retailers has opened its doors in Burlington.

Burlington residents are about to get hit with “a little bit of everything” as SCADDABUSH opens its doors Tuesday, Nov.

There are many things about Niagara Falls that make the city the ideal tourist destination, such as the falls themselves, the cheesy but fun Clifton Hill, the proximity to wine country and one very

Breakfast, brunch, and lunch lovers rejoice - a new breakfast and lunch restaurant is now open in Oakville!

If you love to travel and sip gourmet coffee while you wait for your flight, you might be happy to hear that a trendy new cafe has opened at Toronto Pearson Airport in Mississauga. 

Oakville Place has been a popular place as of recently. Just last weekend L.L.

This may just be a matter of opinion, but there is truly nothing better than a good sub.

Good news for all you Burlington foodies… a popular juice bar is opening in the city very soon.