We made a wish and it’s coming true, Oakville (you’re welcome!).

There’s a new supermarket coming to town and Whole Foods faithful will want to take note.

This year has been a great one in terms of new restaurant openings across Oakville, Burlington, and Milton.

Sometimes you don’t have much more than a sign to go by when you’re strolling down the street or cruising in Oakville.


A highly-anticipated restaurant is officially serving up yummy plant-based eats in Oakville.

Montreal is a feminine city, as my French-speaking dad likes to say … and now Burlington is getting a slice of la belle province with a chic new restaurant and bar.

We really love a small business success story from the Hammer … and its current Burlington bakery is about to double in size.

A vacancy has been filled in downtown Oakville.

And we can’t wait to try it out once its door open.

If you’re looking for a new place to grab a light meal in downtown Oakville, you’re in luck.

And while you’re there, you can pick up some household goods.

A very popular store that’s all about decadent treats—and is reportedly loved by former U.S.

An Oakville burger war is about to go down.

And we’ve got the opening date.

A hot-yet-casual dining experience is on tap ... it's creative and fun, much like a very nearby competitor.