If you love shopping for slightly more affordable luxury goods (and who doesn't?), you might be very happy to hear that a slew of new higher-end stores are about to open in Toronto Premium Outlets

Another one bites the dust.

And this closure is definitely unexpected. 

One of the most highly-anticipated retail openings is almost upon us.

We hear a lot about new stores and restaurants in Burlington but it never gets less exciting.

Although there’s been a few bad news stories circulating, we’re happy to say that brick and mortar retail is far from dead.

We hear a lot of news about new stores and restaurants in Oakville but it never gets less exciting.

The craze surrounding raw and organic food isn't just for homosapians to indulge in—pets are, it appears, also becoming big consumers of specialty food products.

Great news, Burlington bakery lovers.

(There's nothing but love for this spot on Guelph Line).

A very popular bakery has officially doubled in size.

We made a wish and it’s coming true, Oakville (you’re welcome!).

There’s a new supermarket coming to town and Whole Foods faithful will want to take note.

If you love shopping, beautiful things, and the hashtag #treatyoself then you might be excited to know that a Thailand-based boutique has opened its first North American location in Canada.