Do you want to party in Square One?

Do you want to party surrounded by almost 100 games and multiple dining choices?

Being outdoors, regardless of how cold it is sometimes, is what a lot of Canadians thrive on.

If you've been looking for a one-stop-shop in Oakville where you can buy electronics, accessories, home necessities, stationery items, health and beauty essentials, and more...then look no further.

It's hard for any brick and mortar retailer to stick around at a time when e-commerce is making it more difficult for more traditional brands to stay competitive.

If you regularly shop at a well-known discount shoe store, you will be unhappy to hear that the ailing brand is closing all of its brick and mortar stores (and winding down its e-commerce presence)

We all remember when the well-known American retailer Target made a big splash into Canada and left just as quickly, shutting hundreds of stores across the country after failing to gain traction in

A new luxury store is now officially open at Toronto Premium Outlets (TPO).

And, according to the TPO Instagram page, this is the only Canadian outlet for this store.

Within the past week Oakville Place has been on fire when it comes to announcing new openings.

If one of your New Year's resolutions this year is going to be going to the gym more often then you're in luck.

That resolution may be a whole lot easier for some Oakville residents.

Recently, over 40 new retailers opened at Toronto Premium Outlets (TPO) just in time for the holiday season, and with Black Friday coming up you're sure to get some good deals.