If you’re looking for a new place to grab a light meal in downtown Oakville, you’re in luck.

And while you’re there, you can pick up some household goods.

A very popular store that’s all about decadent treats—and is reportedly loved by former U.S.

An Oakville burger war is about to go down.

And we’ve got the opening date.

A hot-yet-casual dining experience is on tap ... it's creative and fun, much like a very nearby competitor.

You’ve seen the parking lot and from what we’re hearing, the Milton location is jammed on the reg.

I love me some fresh juice.

It’s the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops.

And its Greater Toronto Area expansion is growing.

A popular restaurant that managed to generate a sizeable following over the years has officially moved to its brand new, permanent Oakville location.

Although it's hard to pin down what exactly constitutes authentic Canadian cuisine (is it maple syrup? Caribou?

There’s AAA steak.

And buttery lobster tail.

Starting at $20.

A new restaurant is slated to soon open its Oakville doors. 

It began out in Kelowna, B.C. back in 2014.

Then made its way to Toronto proper.

And now it’s coming to downtown Oakville.