New Program in Burlington Promotes Community Play in the City


Back in the spring of this year, a new program was launched in the city of Burlington - the 'Play Street' program. This program, according to a recent post on Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward's website, was created to encourage residents to come together and promote community play.

But what exactly is the program?

Well, according to the city of Burlington website, "The program offers the opportunity for weekly, local street closures which encourage the use of neighbourhood streets for safe, active play and social interaction between neighbours of all ages."

This program is available year-round.

And when it comes to organizing a play street event, there are four key steps that the city has outlined. These steps are highlighted below.

Step One: Identify the Play Street location 

  • Should be no more than one block long
  • Should be a residential street
  • Clear visibility from each intersection is required
  • The street should not be a major road and should be free from an active bus route

Step Two: Complete the online application

Step Three: Complete the Forms

Step Four: Plan the Event

For more information about each step, click here.

This newly launched program is one that Meed Ward is in support of.

"This is a fantastic program the city of Burlington offers because not only does it promote a sense of community among neighbours, but it also encourages residents of all ages to get outside and stay active, enjoying the environment around us," Meed Ward said in a statement.

What do you think of the Play Street program?

Cover photo is courtesy of Meed Ward's website.

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