New steak house adds unique twist to Burlington dining experience


Published November 22, 2023 at 12:13 pm

Those who haven’t yet tried Burlington’s newest steak house are in for a unique experience.

Lot88, which has already built its reputation with locations in Northern Ontario and Manitoba, opened recently at the Millcroft Shopping Centre, 2020 Appleby Line.

With the appearance of a traditional steak house, Lot88 does what most people would expect by serving certified Angus beef in traditional cuts that will appeal to those who enjoy having some variety.

However, what makes it different is the way the meat is prepared.

Using extremely hot volcanic lava stones, the meat is seared and then brought to the customer on a 600-degree Fahrenheit plate. From there each patron can cut off slices and continue to cook for the desired length of time which makes it great for sharing. Whether you want the slices rare or well done is up to you.

But it is not all about the steak.

Lot88 offers a full menu of food choices with starters such as garlic truffle stuffed mushroom, soups and salads, main course items such as pasta, fish and burgers and several add-ons as desired. Of course, there are several dessert options.

Operators of Lot88 say their venture into Burlington should be the first of many that will appear in the GTA in coming years.


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