New Study Reveals Shocking Information About Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington


A new study has revealed some shocking information about ulcers at the Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington.

On May 24, 2019, Joseph Brant conducted a hospital-wide Prevalence and Incidence Study, as outlined in the hospital's 'Pressure Ulcer Action Plan'.

"For the purpose of this report, 'prevalence' is defined as the number of patients with pressure ulcers compared to the total number of patients evaluated, 'incidence' is the number of new hospital-acquired pressure ulcers compared to the total number of patients evaluated," reads a recent press release from the hospital.

All admitted inpatients, for pressure ulcers, were evaluated as part of the study and it was found, according to Dr. Ian Preyra, Chief of Staff, that 21 inpatients had pressure ulcers, 11 of which having hospital-acquired pressure ulcers.

"All patients identified during our evaluation had appropriate care plans in place," reads the release. "Our review did not reveal any previously undiagnosed pressure ulcers."

The following graphic highlights the hospital's study results, which are lower than the 2019 national average.

Regardless, the hospital noted that it is still committed to improving its wound and skin care practices.

"We are continuing to implement our Pressure Ulcer Action Plan," reads the release. "The work underway will allow us to fully address patient and family concerns, learn from identified opportunities, reduce the risk of further similar incidents and improve our daily practices."

The last Prevalence and Incidence was completed in February of this year.

These annual studies, as noted in the release, are conducted by Hill-Rom, using the International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence (IPUP) Survey. 

The following graphic highlights the results from the 2016-2019 four-year average Prevalence and Incidence Study.

And the hospital's annual results, from the past four years, in comparison to the annual national results, are outlined below.

Are you surprised by these results?

Photo is courtesy of the Joseph Brant Hospital Facebook page.

Graphics are courtesy of the Joseph Brant Hospital.

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