While some people have claimed that all one needs to do to afford a home in a hot market is give up avocado toast&
If you’re a post secondary student getting ready to head back to classes this fall, you should know that the days of controversial speakers getting barred from campuses may be coming to an end.
A competitive race for Burlington's next mayor is now rife with accusations from one candidate about so-called 'dirty tricks' being played against her on the campaign trail.
When it comes to the issue of climate change, the new Progressive Conservative government in Ontario is sending some rather strange mixed signals to the public.
If a teacher sticks with the recently-implemented 2015 sexual education curriculum that focuses on such timely issues as consent, internet culture and LGBTQ issues, parents can access what some cri
The Town of Oakville has now completed its activities related to the cultural heritage landscape assessment and official designation of the Glen Abbey property, including implementation of the supp
The federal government is officially making it easier for new Canadians to bring select relatives to Canada.
Just when you thought the page had turned on this 18-storey condo recently approved by Burlington city counci
One company is taking legal action against the newly elected PC government following its promised—but exceedingly controversial—cancellation of the cap-and-trade program.
The City of Burlington is looking for input from residents and business owners into the future date and time of the Santa 5K run.