With the provincial government on a proverbial warpath when it comes to deficit reduction, Premier Doug Ford is dangling another carrot in an effort to get other governing bodies to help find those
If you want a new, complimentary hat, you’ll have to take out a majestic beast first.
Recently, it was announced that Paradise Commercial assumed ownership of the Milton Mall, a 300,000 square foot
Would you feel more inclined to vote if the election fell on a weekend or a holiday?
“Open for Business” is a tagline that has been frequently bandied about by the Ford government, as it reflects their goal of “bringing jobs back to Ontario,” or something to that effect.
Halton Police have arrested two suspects following a series of residential break and enters that occurred across the GTA. 
Although it is a relatively minor issue with most of the population, the topic of regional government and its future is one of the major files the Ontario government is currently dealing with, and
I think many of us had such high hopes in the beginning.
This past Tuesday the Ontario Legislature reconvened for their first session for 2019, as MPPs returned to Queen’s Park.
Many people appreciate and support Doug Ford as a politician because they feel he is blunt and speaks his mind.