An Oakville man is facing 10 charges -including attempted murder- following a shooting in downtown Toronto.
Were you drenched in sweat all weekend?Good. It’s about time it felt like summer.
A crash has been reported this afternoon.Police say around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, a vehicle collided with a hydro pole in the area of Churchill Road South and Tanners Drive.
Officers are on scene for clean-up following a collision in Milton.
A Burlington woman who was struck by a vehicle has been pronounced dead.The incident happened Thursday morning (June 14) at the intersection of New Street and Drury Lane.
Police and fire were on scene at a gas line rupture in Georgetown on Saturday morning. 
Halton residents may want to take it easy this weekend, especially those who are vulnerable to intense heat.A heat warning is in effect for all of Halton starting this Sunday, June 17.
The world is going digital and fast. So much so that digital technology is reshaping the economy.And globally too, the economy is shifting towards digitalization.
Halton police conducted two commercial motor vehicle enforcement projects on June 13 and 14.
Put down your phone and stop eating behind the wheel - Ontario's distracted driving laws are getting tougher, and harsher penalties are coming to drivers who break the rules.