Oakville and Burlington Make Interesting Amazon List

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June 19, 2017 at 1:22 pm

We’ve got flashy cars, multi-million dollar homes, and bookworms —  there’s apparently a love affair with reading in Oakville and Burlington.

We’ve got flashy cars, multi-million dollar homes, and bookworms —  there’s apparently a love affair with reading in Oakville and Burlington.

Both cities made the cut as Amazon.ca released its fifth annual list of Top 20 Canadian Cities that Love to Read: Oakville placed ninth, with Burlington coming in 15th overall.

The list, which came out on June 12, was compiled using data from Amazon.ca for print and Kindle e-book editions from May 2016 to May 2017 on a per capita basis in cities with more than 100,000 residents.

Saskatoon topped the list., followed by Kingston, Kelowna, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Ontario is home to the most avid readers with 12 cities appearing in the Top 20 for the fourth straight year.

A closer look at the data revealed:

New Cities on the Block: This year sparked a love for reading among new Canadian cities — 12 which weren’t on last year’s list made their way into the rankings, including Oakville and Richmond Hill. 

Aspiring Chefs of Cambridge: While Vancouver triumphed over the other cities in four of the eight categories, the southern Ontario city of Cambridge purchased the most cookbooks, flexing its culinary curiosity.

The Year of the Underdog: Just when Vancouver and Calgary were getting comfortable in the top two spots (where they’ve been sitting for three consecutive years), Saskatoon moved from third to first place and new cities filled the podium with Kingston placing second and Kelowna third.

Love of Reading and Romance: Love was in full bloom in the cities of Kingston, Oshawa and Barrie, who were the top three cities to purchase the most romance books.

Vancouver Has a Spine: Vancouver may have slipped from first to fifth place overall, but residents beat every other city in the print books format, proving Vancouverites love the traditional method of reading. Van City also purchased the most books on Amazon.ca in the business, health, self-help and travel categories.

Here’s the complete list:

1. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

2. Kingston, Ontario

3. Kelowna, British Columbia

4. Calgary, Alberta

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

6. Langley, British Columbia

7. Regina, Saskatchewan

8. Edmonton, Alberta

9. Oakville, Ontario

10. Guelph, Ontario

11. Barrie, Ontario

12. London, Ontario

13. Kitchener, Ontario

14. Thornhill, Ontario

15. Burlington, Ontario

16. Oshawa, Ontario

17. Winnipeg, Manitoba

18. Cambridge, Ontario

19. Thunder Bay, Ontario

20. Richmond Hill, Ontario

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