Oakville hopes relaxed noise rules will attract filmmakers


Published October 23, 2023 at 4:03 pm

Schwarzenegger movie film Terminator Oavkille noise
He'll be back...but it might be noisy.

Oakville wants to relax rules about noise in an attempt to attract filmmakers.

Councillors will tonight (Oct. 23) consider a report that suggests temporarily lessening the notification periods for film production companies seeking exemptions to the noise bylaw.

The filmmakers want a quicker turnaround for approvals to meet their production schedules.

Currently, Oakville requires 30 days advanced notice for a noise exemption permit. As well, residents must receive 14 days notice of the noise potential before filming takes place. The 14 days have been deemed necessary to give residents time to file an objection.

Under the proposed new rules filmmakers would have 10 days to make a noise submission and would only have to warn nearby residents seven days in advance of a film shoot in their neighbourhood.

According to the report, the film industry expects shorter wait periods than what Oakville now provides which has been a barrier to attracting production companies to town.

“The current application and notice periods required for a noise exemption permit make Oakville less competitive in attracting film productions/projects,” the report reads.

Oakville is in the midst of a pilot project designed to bring more moviemakers to town,

While far from being the new Hollywood North, Oakville’s idyllic setting has served as the backdrop for a number of movies with the most recent being You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, You Gotta Believe and Fubar which have attracted such stars as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Greg Kinnear and Adam Sandler. It’s also played host to a number of television film crews.

The report recommends reducing the time reductions until the end of the pilot project in three years.


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