Oakville mom struck by lightning in lotto to tune of nearly $600,000


Published July 12, 2023 at 4:30 pm

Oakville mom Ewa Kawa won $574,471.80 in Lightning Lotto last month. OLG PHOTO

Maybe being hit by lightning isn’t so bad after all. At least not for Oakville’s Ewa Kawa, who finds herself $574,471.80 richer getting struck by it in the recent lotto.

The 52-year-old bus driver collected the large sum of money after winning the Lightning Lotto jackpot on June 15, 2023.

A regular lotto player, Kawa says Lightning Lotto is her favourite game. She also won an additional $2 on another Lightning Lotto selection.

“I’ve played in a group at work and won some smaller prizes in the past,” she shared, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up her win.

The Oakville mother of three was taking her dog for a walk when she decided to stop at the convenience store.

When she checked her ticket, she could hardly believe it.

“In that moment, I was speechless and shaking,” she recalled. “It was so unexpected – I had to take some time off work to process it all.”

Kawa had to let her husband know immediately and called him to share the big news.

“I said, ‘I think I won some money!’ When he asked how much, I excitedly shouted, ‘Half a million – I think I’m going to buy a car,’” explained the local mom. “I was so loud that people passing by could hear me!”

As for what she’ll do with her winnings, Kawa is looking forward to an early retirement.

“I plan to continue working for now,” she said. “I love my job and have always worked hard for my family, but this win is a big help. I’m going to walk with an even bigger smile than I usually do!”

Kawa purchased the winning ticket at River Oaks Convenience Store on River Oaks Boulevard in Oakville.

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