Oakville offering subsidized windrow clearing program for seniors


Published November 3, 2023 at 11:43 am

snow plows

Oakville seniors and those with disabilities have two weeks to sign up for a windrow clearing program provided by the Town that gets rid of snow left at the end of the driveway after the snowplows have cleared the road.

The program runs between December 1 and March 3, with a non-refundable fee of $115.26 (including HST) for the season.

Windrows are cleared only once per winter event, with plowing happening after every snowfall of 7.5 centimetres (three inches) or more. Windrows created by sidewalk plows are not part of the program and it may take up to 36 hours after a snowfall for the windrow to be cleared, depending on demand.

Approximately 80 per cent of the snow windrow will be cleared to ensure there is no damage to the curb or sod, with snow deposited on adjacent boulevards.

(The equipment may scratch the driveway surface if the homeowner has a special surface such as patterned concrete and the Town of Oakville is not responsible for any damage to driveways or curbs.)

The Town considered making the program town-wide – at a cost of just under $2.6 million – but the report was just received for information at the October 19 budget committee meeting. The town-wide program would take up more than 37 per cent of the winter control budget and require additional staff and equipment and would need a 12 to 18 months lead-up.

The subsidized windrow clearing programs for seniors and those with disabilities will cost taxpayers $67,300, with 450 residents signing up last season.

Burlington offers a similar program for 1,000 residents at a cost of $125 plus HST.

Contact ServiceOakville at (905) 845-6601 for more information. The deadline is November 17. To sign up, visit windrow program. 


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