Halton’s seniors are slowly moving towards bigger cities, and the housing market will inevitably change as a result.
Sheridan College has received some much-needed support from the Canadian Government in helping to improve manufacturing in Ontario.
For many Ontarians, cracking open a cold one on a hot summer day is the perfect way to relax. However, some may find it hard to find their preferred drink of choice at some LCBO locations.
It’s a sad day for some.We recently had to say goodbye to a popular store at the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre.
What’s better than a new restaurant coming town? A new waterfront restaurant with a patio. And that’s exactly what is coming to the town of Oakville very soon.
It’s a sad day for Oakville foodies. A popular restaurant in town recently announced that it has temporarily shut down following a kitchen fire.
The Ford government is increasing the 
All you latte lovers in Oakville may be happy to hear that another Starbucks location has come to town.
Bill 108 seeks to allow developers an easier time to build more housing in Ontario, it also requires a number of sweeping changes that many people have raised concerns over.
Summer is just around the corner and a new waterfront restaurant, with a patio, is expected to open in Oakville just in time.