The holiday season can often be very stressful. Work tends to get busier, gifts have to be bought, and there is often more pressure to visit family and friends you haven't seen in a while.
This year, on Nov. 17, Oakville is recognizing International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day.The town will recognize this day by hosting its own Survivor Day.
Oakville has some pretty crucial, and noteworthy, rules that residents should be aware of. 
An exciting opportunity has come up for Oakville students.Mayor Rob Burton is asking students for their help with designing his 2018 Holiday Card.
If you regularly shop at IKEA (as anyone in the market for affordable furniture does), you might also be a big fan of the Swedish brand's unique edible offerings.
Facebook Dating has officially launched in Canada. Canada is the first North American country to launch this new experience. 
It seems like the price to buy, own, or rent a home is constantly increasing throughout Halton. With that being said, it can be hard for some people to be able to live here comfortably.
If you have a case of the blahs this February, you're not alone. The up-and-down weather in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills lately is enough to make anyone need a vacation.
It's hard to believe that we're already well into summer (it'll be August in a few short days!) and that you only have a finite amount of time to set off on a trip to parts unknown to unwind, relax
Second Cup is something of a Canadian success story—or at least a story about innovation.