Lovers of this established GTA pizza chain should be excited to hear that it's opening a brand new location here in Oakville.
One of the great things about an expanding population (minus the lack of parking) is the fact there are always plenty of excellent new restaurants opening up shop.
We have some good news and some slightly (but not really) bad news.One of Mississauga’s most beloved pizza joints, Mickey’s Pizza, appears to be leaving Mississauga.
Oakville is home to the newest Value Village.
There are many things about Niagara Falls that make the city the ideal tourist destination, such as the falls themselves, the cheesy but fun Clifton Hill, the proximity to wine country and one very
121 East Townhomes
Breakfast, brunch, and lunch lovers rejoice - a new breakfast and lunch restaurant is now open in Oakville!
Oakville Place has been a popular place as of recently. Just last weekend L.L.
Calling all outdoor enthusiasts in Halton - a popular American retailer recently opened its first Canadian brick-and-mortar store in Oakville this past weekend.
There’s a new co-worker space opening in Oakville, and it plans to help new businesses get the start they need.