If you’ve been thinking about entering the real estate market in Halton, or anywhere in the GTA for that matter, you may be interested to learn that condos may be the way to go. 
This Place: This stunning home is located in the Eastlake neighbourhood in Oakville and features a beautiful and spacious indoor kitchen and dining area, a thea
Some new rules and fees are coming to vacant properties in Oakville soon.
Finding affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges facing Halton’s residents in recent years. So what is the region doing to help?
Earlier this summer it was announced that the federal government would be taking steps to alleviate the pressure and stress that is often tied to purchasing your first home. 
A new development, a 30-unit residential development, has been proposed for the town of Oakville. 
July was a busy month for the Halton housing market - and the Canadian housing market in general.
This Place: This stunning home is located in the Palermo West neighbourhood in Oakville and features a large master bedroom, a beautiful kitchen, lots of natural lighting, and more
Renting a home in Halton is already hard enough. Now, recently discovered forum posts have revealed that some landlords want to make it even harder.
This Place: This immaculate Oakville home is stunning in the front yard, backyard, and of course on the inside.