This Place: This beautiful Lakeshore Woods home has an absolutely perfect backyard.Address: Raspberry Bush Trail
Canada's housing market—particularly the Toronto and GTA market—has gotten widespread attention and although the country's overall economy is healthy and there's little evidence that an epic hous
Who's afraid of the real estate market?Quite a few buyers, apparently!
This Place: Minimalist yet chic, this elegant near-blank canvas offers over 4,000 square feet of space and sleek upgradesPrice: $2,098,000
A few short years ago, armchair real estate experts wrung their hands about the condo explosion that was overtaking Toronto and the GTA and claimed that buyers would be left with low-value units in
Anyone shopping for or looking to sell a house knows that the Greater Toronto Area housing market is nothing if not exciting.
With condos becoming an increasingly popular—and more common—housing type in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and the overall GTA, issues with condo boards have been getting more attention (and right
A few short months ago, no one could stop talking about how quickly houses were being snapped up—sometimes within a day or two and often for significantly over asking.
This Place: This stylish home has an absolutely beautiful dining area and four great bedrooms.Address: Jessie Caverhill Pas. W.
Although house prices have dipped month-over-month (indicating some returning balance to the marketplace), recent news suggests purchasing a home could get more expensive.