Oakville’s Cameron’s brewery counts the ways to love craft beer with new release


Published May 1, 2023 at 10:41 am

Oakville's Cameron’s Brewing Company announces new “I Love Craft Beer” mixed pack with Top 5 reasons craft beer is better. CAMERON'S BREWING COMPANY IMAGE

Why should you love craft beer? Let Oakville’s Cameron’s Brewing Company count the ways.

The local brewing company believes it’s time you make the switch to craft beer and along with the introducing their new ‘I Love Craft Beer’ mixed pack they’re providing you with the top five reasons why craft beer is better than big box beers.

“It’s always been important to support local, but it’s never been as crucial as it is right now,” says Clint Israel, President of Cameron’s, a family-run brewery in Oakville. “To celebrate our commitment to craft, we’re excited to announce our new ‘I Love Craft Beer’ mixed pack, hand-picked for uniqueness, quality and variety.”

According to the experts at Cameron’s, here the top five reasons craft beer is better than corporate.

How do you love craft beer? Let Cameron’s count the ways:

  1. Better for your community.
    When you drink craft beer, you’re supporting small business. Buying local creates jobs in your neighbourhood, helping the community prosper and connect. As the only brick-and-mortar brewery in Oakville, community is key at Cameron’s.


  1. Better variety.
    Craft beer offers much more variety when it comes to both style and flavour. That’s because craft breweries have the freedom to explore new, unique and seasonal beer ideas that wouldn’t necessarily work for the mass market.


  1. Better for you.
    Because craft beers use high-quality ingredients, small-batch beers offer more health benefits than their mass-produced counterparts. Craft beer contains protein, vitamin B, fibre and antioxidants, and Cameron’s beer is all natural and preservative free.


  1. Better for the planet.
    Choosing craft beer over a retail chain reduces your ecological footprint. Locally owned businesses are much more likely make local purchases, which require less transportation and packaging and result in less pollution and waste.


  1. Better taste.
    Whereas corporate companies prioritize marketing and stock prices, independent brewers can focus all of their time and energy on the quality of their brews. The result: Craft brewers constantly produce great tasting beers. Cameron’s products are hand brewed by artisans and you can taste the difference.

Cameron’s is celebrating the love for craft beer with its “I Love Craft Beer” mixed pack. The six pack features four exclusive releases (Shark Week Pacific IPA, Sabotage Hefeweizen, Pastime Pilsner and Baja Norte Lime Margarita Gose) alongside two summertime favourites (Captain’s Log Lager and Cosmic Cream Ale).

The six pack is now available now at the LCBO and coming soon to Loblaws and select grocery retailers. Cameron’s also offers free home delivery across Ontario.

You will also be able to find Cameron’s on tap at your local bar or restaurant, and visit the Oakville-area brewery to try its selection of brews.

Cameron’s Brewing makes its beers on site with a combination of craft and chemistry and its products have been recognized more than 250 times at local, national and worldwide brewing awards.

The brewery collected gold medals at both the 2021 World Beer Awards and 2022 Canadian Brewing Awards.

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