One on one with Oakville Mayor Rob Burton about cannabis stores, new library, theatre, parks

Published March 27, 2023 at 1:48 pm

Khaled Iwamura chats with Mayor Oakville Rob Burton and Khaled Iwamura about opening cannabis stores, parks, a library, a theatre and much more.

All the questions asked:

  • Oakville has committed to building 33,000 new homes. Where are they going to go, and do you expect public opposition?
  • How tough has it been making residents understand the importance of adding these condos in Oakville?
  • Will Oakville ever allow for legal cannabis stores?
  • You have really pushed for creating a 2000-acre eco-park. How close is that to coming to fruition?
  • You had to put the new central library and theatre on the back burner to build a new hospital; how close are we to getting a new central library and theatre now in Oakville?
  • What kind of changes are needed to make Kerr Street and Bronte area thrive in the future?
  • How many parking spaces were lost due to the new sidewalks in downtown Oakville?
  • Is there any talk of a future transit connection between Halton Hills and Oakville?
  • Anyone under 40 has no clue you are the one that started YTV. How did you come up with the idea?
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