Online tracker will show when leaves will be vacuumed in Burlington


Published October 24, 2023 at 6:09 pm

leaf collection fall autumn Burlington

Burlington has launched an interactive map to show the progress of loose-leaf collection this fall.

The collection tracking map will keep you informed of progress made by the collection crew as they make their way through the city.

The map will be updated each day by 7 p.m. to show routes completed that day.

Loose-leaf collection will begin on Nov. 13 with different areas of the city targetted each week until Dec. 1

Only loose-leaf piles will be vacuumed and must be kept free of debris and sticks. Also, keep the leaves away from catch basins to avoid flooding.

As well, to ensure a successful pick-up, residents can:

  • Rake leaves to the edge of the curb or roadway in a loose pile no more than two days before your pick-up date
  • Do not place leaves in bike lanes or on sidewalks or pathways
  • Remove basketball nets, cars and other obstructions from the road during pick-up dates
  • Avoid placing garbage bags, bins, blue boxes or green carts on top of loose-leaf piles

After the collection program is complete, any remaining leaves should be placed in yard-waste bags for curbside collection by Halton Region.

As a greener alternative, residents can mulch their leaves with their lawnmowers to help feed the soil for the spring.







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