Ontario Government to Invest in Supportive Housing in Milton


The Ontario government recently announced that it is investing in supportive housing in the town of Milton.

On July 9, 2019, the government announced that it will be investing $900,000 in order to provide people who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless with the housing and support services they need.

Our government is investing in local, innovative approaches so that our most vulnerable people can move off the streets and into housing with crucial support services,” Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, said in a statement. “This funding builds on what we are already doing to improve the quality and number of affordable homes through our Community Housing Renewal Strategy.”

The money, according to a recent press release, will be going towards 24 new apartments for individuals and families at the Victoria Park Community Homes in Milton. 

When completed, this new complex will be a great addition to Milton and provide affordable housing for families, seniors and our most vulnerable,”Parm Gill, MPP for Milton, said in a statement.

This new building, which is expected to open sometime next year, is in addition to the organization’s, Victoria Park Community Homes, existing 12 townhomes and 14 apartments.

In addition to this recently announced funding, Victoria Park Community Homes also received $2.7-million, for the apartment building, in joint federal-provincial funding from the Investment in Affordable Housing program. 

However, Victoria Park Community Homes is not the only organization to receive funding for supportive housing in Milton.

Another property in Milton, Catherton Charitable Foundation Apartments, also received $900,000 in joint federal-provincial funding through the Investment in Affordable Housing Program,” reads the release.

Currently, the province has more than 20 supportive housing programs.

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