PHOTOS: Did Your Car Get Towed in Oakville on Canada Day?


All things red and white are being feted this Canada Day long weekend, and Oakville hosted an evening celebration for the first time at Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park.

But some revelers are no longer in the partying mood as they’re facing fines after parking on private property on July 1.

An estimated 40 vehicles were towed in about 20 minutes alone, according to Doug Greco who owns three restaurants -Plank, The Firehall, and West End Social- in the area.

Greco sent photos of vehicles getting towed, saying Subway was the only business open yesterday.

I sure would like to know what the final amount of money collected by Phil’s Towing will be for our festivities,” Greco wrote in an e-mail.

“Just makes you proud doesn’t it?”

Last week, we told you plenty of visitors are getting towed — even though they say they’re supporting local businesses (and perhaps squeezing in a lakeside stroll while they’re in the ‘hood).

Some people have taken to social media to warn others of their $367 woes.

Here’s one Facebook group post from June 25:

We didn’t understand why because the sign said for customers only. The tow guy said we left the lot &wandered around. We left the lot to walk to the restaurant! Apparently that lot is privately owned but we never knew that. We park & go to Denningers periodically & always thought it served that whole area. Phil’s Towing took the car to 1201 Speers Rd & charged us $367. There were several others there as well &one couple were not able to pay then. They will be charged storage until they get it. Post signage if it’s a private lot! We won’t be back for awhile, that I can tell you. Shoppers/tourists, BEWARE!”

Here’s another from June 26 by a person who says she went into Denningers to buy pork chops and parked in the lot behind the store.

We parked in the lot behind Dennigers (sic) and thought let’s go for a quick walk while we are here. We walked, stopped nowhere and then went into dennigers (sic). When we came out the car was gone. It had been towed. Now, Bronte is a community full of amazing local businesses. No big corporate stores. It is also by the water so the lure of a nice walk is there. The Dennigers (sic) and Sobeys lots now tow if you step off the lot property. We watched 2 cars get towed. It is sad that an amazing community full of hardworking shop owners will most likely feel the impact of this on their businesses. There is nowhere to park and enjoy the community of Bronte and it is sad the the greed will adversely affect these businesses. Speak up… there are hardworking people bringing you local goods and restaurants… time to find a parking solution in bronte.”

Street parking is free in Oakville -aside from downtown- but fills up quickly in Bronte year-round.

Permanent signs on private property warn of a tow.

The Town of Oakville tweeted a parking heads up on Canada Day.

Would you return to Bronte if your car got towed?

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