Police crack down on tinted windows in Burlington


Published February 15, 2024 at 4:56 pm

Burlington window tint checkpoint

Provincial, regional and municipal police organizations joined forces today in Burlington to ensure that those cruising the province — specifically those with tinted windows — are doing so legally. 

Halton Regional Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Hamilton Police and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation set up inspection points in the area to ensure that any passing commercial vehicles had the legal requirements for window tinting, where applicable.

When it comes to tinting laws, each province in Canada has its own legal framework, with Ontario being no exception.

According to the initial post by Ontario police services, current window tinting laws in Ontario are set at a thirty per cent threshold. This means any vehicle caught with any tint greater than this implemented maximum is operating outside of the legal limit. 

Halton police in a post on X (formerly Twitter) stated that during inspections, four vehicles were found surpassing the active legal tint limit. The post then further focused on the urgency of road safety by stating that “Tint is a road safety issue for all road users.” 

This plea for safe practice is rooted in the fact that anyone using a road, whether it’s a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, needs to be able to see where the driver of the vehicle is looking to ensure maximum safe practice. 

While the public response to both the post and the window tint checkpoint has been mostly neutral, one person responded to the post by stating, 

“They just want to use their phones in peace.” 

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