Police Search for Missing Woman Last Seen in Oakville


Police are currently searching for a missing woman who was last seen in Oakville.

Safa Mushtaq, 27, was in the area of Dundas Street West and Neyagawa Boulevard earlier today the last time she was seen.

She is described as a young woman with a slim build and shoulder length black hair in a bun.

She also has her cell phone with her, which is in a glittery pink case. She has no access to a vehicle and it is unknown what she is currently wearing, according to police.

She is believed to be alone and on foot. Police recommend keeping an eye open in plazas and parks.

If you have any information on Mushtaq’s whereabouts, please contact Halton police immediately.

UPDATEMushtag was last seen in grey tights, a green shirt/sweater, and running shoes with black stripes.

UPDATE #2: Officers have been tipped off that she may be in the downtown Niagara Falls area. Niagara Regional Police are now assisting the search.

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