Calling all lovers of ribs, beer, or ribs and beer!
A Milton family is fighting to save a farm they’ve lived on for seven generations after a school board announced plans to build a high school next to it.
A new townhouse development was approved by Oakville town council at the April 19 planning meeting, but some residents are not happ
Feel like your car insurance company is ripping you off?
Great news for every GO train rider in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Misssissauga, Brampton, and across the Greater Toronto Area.
Fees, taxes, and government charges account for nearly a quarter of the price of a new home in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), a new report finds.
The denning season is near for coyotes in Burlington and that may result in conflicts with residents and their pets.
A group of Oakville residents are continuing the fight to save Glen Abbey Golf Course from being destroyed and made their way to Town Hall on Friday to defend the green space.
So long, Oakville.And hello, downtown Toronto.Tim Hortons is moving its headquarters, the company announced Tuesday (April 17).
Have you noticed that prices at the pumps are looking a little steep lately?