The quantity of housing is becoming an increasingly important issue in the years ahead, what with real estate prices in the state they’re in and the lack of affordable housing in the Grea
This Place: This Oakville home is sure to impress with its beautiful staircase, spacious kitchen, beautiful hardwood flooring, and so much more.
A Halton Hills project was recently cancelled, prompting a lot of questions.One of the biggest questions was why? 
If you're currently house hunting in the Halton Region there is no denying that prices are constantly fluctuating. 
If you're hoping to purchase a home in Oakville, Burlington or Milton, now isn’t a terrible time to do it—as it’s still a fairly balanced market that’s good for both buyers and sellers. 
Although it still technically is fall, it definitely already feels like winter in Canada.
This Place: With an upgraded kitchen, renovated basement, beautiful bedrooms, and immaculate bathrooms, this Oakville home is easily a must-see.
A new development could see the light of day in the Town of Oakville.
Most people know that homes are expensive in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and surrounding cities, but not everyone realizes that a city that's known for expensive housing might not actually boast o
It’s no secret that housing is expensive and affordable rentals are hard to come by in not only Oakville, Burlington and Milton, but most major municipalities across Ontario.