A 30-unit residential development has been proposed for the Town of Oakville.
While home prices are high—and staying high—in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and surrounding municipalities, other Canadian cities have seen a drop in home values.
This Place: The unique floating staircase will pull you into this stunning Oakville home, however, the immaculate kitchen, and sleek bathrooms will make you want to stay.
By the year 2031, the Town of Milton must build 5,300 new residential units - fifty per cent of these units have to be either townhouses or multi-storey buildings.
Home is where the heart is, so why shouldn’t it look and feel great!
Let's face it, the process of moving is incredibly time consuming and can often be expensive. The moving process can be even more costly if unexpected costs come up. 
With the second quarter of the year now in full swing, some current indicators can help show the direction the Canadian housing market is going as of March 2019.
With warm weather finally upon us, many people are ready to start hunting down their dream house.
While we don’t always share much in common with our neighbours to the south, you may be surprised at how many connections can be drawn between the housing markets in both countries.