This Place: This beautiful Lakeshore Woods home has an absolutely perfect backyard.Address: Raspberry Bush Trail
Who's afraid of the real estate market?Quite a few buyers, apparently!
With condos becoming an increasingly popular—and more common—housing type in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and the overall GTA, issues with condo boards have been getting more attention (and right
This Place: This stylish home has an absolutely beautiful dining area and four great bedrooms.Address: Jessie Caverhill Pas. W.
Although we all know houses are pricey both in and outside of Oakville, Burlington and Milton, you may have wondered what houses are being listed at the absolute highest prices.
This Place: This stylish home has an absolutely beautiful swimming pool and backyard and four spacious bedrooms.Address: Oak Springs Rd.
It's no surprise that condos are selling out left, right and centre in the Greater Toronto Area, but this one is special.
Although there's no denying that home-sharing service Airbnb has helped many homeowners looking to score some additional income, some users have come forward with horror stories about nightmare ten
Although house prices have dipped month-over-month (indicating some returning balance to the marketplace), recent news suggests purchasing a home could get more expensive.
Although home prices are declining month-over-month (but not year-over-year) and sales are decreasing in Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills and surrounding areas (a sign of returning bal