This Place: You won't want to miss out on seeing this gorgeous house in Oakville.
This Place: Inside this beautiful Burlington house you'll find spacious bedrooms, stunning staircases, high ceilings, beautiful bathrooms, and so much more.
This Place: This gorgeous Burlington house features a full nanny/in-law suite, a comfortable and warm family room, pristine wood flooring throughout, and so much more.
This Place: Located on a stunning corner lot, this Milton house features an open concept kitchen, a finished basement, and has plenty of natural lighting to top it all off!
This Place: This incredible Burlington home has lots of natural lighting, impressive flooring throughout, a chic and rustic looking kitchen, and so much more!
This Place: This chic looking Oakville home is one you won't want to miss!
This Place: You won't want to miss out on this Oakville house! It features updated bathrooms, a large master bedroom (with his and her closets), a finished basement, and more.
This Place: This house includes a spacious living room, a sleek master bathroom, a modern family room, a two-bedroom basement apartment, and so much more.
This Place: The beautiful family room is just one of the many incredible features of this Oakville home.
This Place: This house has lots of natural lighting, a comfortable and warm living room, a spacious master bedroom, and so much more.