If you were set on moving into a brand new Burlington condominium building then we have some unfortunate news. The city may not be getting a new development.
It's no secret that the cost of living is rising in a lot of Canadian cities and towns.
A new development could be in Burlington's future.What kind of a development you may be wondering.A six-storey condominium building.
The price of a condo in the Halton Region has skyrocketed.
If you're a renter in the GTA then we've got some, maybe not so shocking, news for you.Rental prices are out of control.
Thinking of buying a home? Then you may (or may not) be interested in a recent Oakville listing.This $59 million house, conveniently located in Oakville, is for sale.
It’s no secret that renting is expensive, but the astronomical increases are—believe it or not—working to ensure that renting is no longer (or at least rarely) a cheaper alternative to homeowners
While new developments in growing cities are common, not everyone is happy with change. 
This stunning, luxurious condo will most certainly turn your head.So what’s the deal with The Randall Residences in downtown Oakville?
Luxury homes sales in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have fallen short of 2017’s record-breaking pace.