It looks like homebuyers have more than adjusted to the measures designed to cool the red-hot housing market that dominated headlines in 2017—and it also looks like sky-high prices, bidding wars a
The City of Burlington is set to unveil its new downtown vision, which is expected to pave the way for new building height guidelines.
Tenants are already struggling to pay sky-high (and climbing) rental rates, and it looks like landlords will be able to impose a small but significant increase in 2020. 
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With the average rental price in Toronto climbing to more than $2,500 per month, coupled with the fact there’s only a one per cent vacancy rate, people may be looking for housing options in the GTA
For the past few years, the state of the housing market in Halton (and other GTA municipalities) has gotten a great deal of attention.
With the number of people living in the GTA growing every day, more and more people are looking for housing outside Toronto and commuting into the city for work. 
If you plan on purchasing a home in 2020, you already know that house prices are expected to climb&n
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Burlington’s City Council has approved the budget for 2020, which will be increased by 3.99 per cent.